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Jelena Vermillion

Jelena Vermillion
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Jelena is a hot girl who started her career on Canada Tgirl Jelena has perfect skin that is silky and white. She probably has some of the prettiest hair out of all the tgirls in Canada. Jelena comes from an artistic background - a dancer of over 10 years. She is fond of the spiritual realm, enjoys reading, and is very intelligent. Jelena also takes an interest in Greek Mythology. I would say she is quite the Aphrodite!

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Jelena Vermillion

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Sexy Canadian Jelena loves to show off her ass – and what an ass it is! She starts by seducing you, licking and sucking before showing you how she can gape and then sliding her warm, wet asshole onto your cock. Are you ready to get sucked into Jelena's hungry hole?

28th Apr 2019

19:42 HD Video
& 82 Photos

    Rating: 5.00